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What is a holistic salon?

Hair salons can be scary places. The air can be thick with toxic fumes from hair sprays, formaldehyde-ridden keratin straightening agents, chemical hair dyes and more. Ammonia can damage your lungs, benzene can cause cancer, and the trichloroethylene in hair extensions and wig tape can damage skin and kidneys. And don’t even get us started on the damage to your health that can occur if you use those things on your own hair!

Tmacs doesn’t just create ‘pretty hair’ – stylists here also have special training to bring you an elevated standard of beauty, wellness and environmental sustainability.
A holistic salon’s approach should be methodical and all encompassing. Your stylist should look at your hair and scalp and let you know if there are any issues or problems they can see, such as thinning hair, dry or oily scalp or chemically burnt out hair.
Of course, these salons should only use all natural shampoos without sodium laureth sulfates and other harsh chemicals, as well as natural conditioners, hair sprays, styling products and of course, hair dyes. They should also have some healthy, natural hair products and shampoos for sale. There should be a light, pleasant scent in the air – certainly nothing chemical that would induce a headache!
It is indeed important to go to a holistic salon, especially if you color or straighten your hair – not only will they keep your hair looking good, it will be stronger and shinier as a result of using all natural products like Oway’s. More importantly, you’ll save yourself from the myriad pitfalls of using toxic chemicals that can damage your health – and your hair.